How did people do things before Google? But then how to you find
things on Google before you know the right words to ask?

I wanted to get black backdrop curtains for our up-front stuff, as
well as an easy way to cover unsightly stuff in rented meeting rooms.
I tried googling for curtains and production and staging and couldn’t
even find the right businesses or people I should be calling to ask
what I want. It took quite a while before I realised that ‘backdrop
curtains’ was the best thing to google. I didn’t even really know what
the word for what I was looking for was even :-/

Then I asked on Facebook and an old school friend emerged from the
mists of time and gave me the answer.

And some of the friendly intense surfie guys
at EV Church shared some hot tips too
(thanks Greg and Tim).

And then I googled again, and found lots of campus ministry, amateur
theatre company and funamentalist home-maker blogs that told me how to
do it.

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